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don't neglet very useful to you
 earn upto 50,000 per month with google free
 we will provide adsense training 
 some people with real cheque   issued by GOOGLE in their hands


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job details
we will provide you a free website you have to just write articles for the website you don't need to do it manually we will provide a software which automatically create the articles with just a click of button. you will get an ad code in the training kit you have to paste the code in the free website. when people click on the ads you will get paid. you can earn Rs.5 to Rs.300 per click.  what if you get more than 1000 clicks per day. you have to buy the training kit to get the ad code. this is how the job works its very simple.

  if you are earning more than 30,000 you will get a chance to feature in our website with photo like other  successful members  
if you have any doubts or enquries please contact us at below email id    

registration fees  Rs.15000    
Rs.500 only for payment with debit card

Rs.1000 for cash on delivery


pay by using your debit card, 90% of our customers choose this method of payment because it's easy and Rs. 500 only download training kit instantly.

Payment option 2
Cash on delivery
We will send a post card which contains the link to download training kit just pay 
Rs. 1000 to postman at the time of delivery

if you have any doubts or enquries please contact us at below email id 

1. after registration you will get a downlod link to training kit which contains all the information to start your business.  
2. and also free website. 
3. and approval email from google as a member. 
4. and some softwares to make your work easy. 
 fees will hike soon due to maintenance charges 


Free Bonus Program Kit Includes -

Top Free Paid Online Survey sites for Indians.
Top 2 sites to earn money through mobile by receiving sms.

earn $100 per day wih Click bank
BidVertiser kit.
Create your Website with blogger.
 Google Adsense Kit (Google Secrets + Triple your AdsenseCTR + Adsense       revenue exposed).
How to create blog (Tutorial). 

see more details and proof below

I spent the last 7 plus years mastering the art of making easy money online. What you're getting is those 7 years of trial and error packaged into an easy to follow system, with everything you need to know, and everything you need to do, to be very successful. No need to spend all of the time and money I did to get where I am. Just follow the very detailed instructions and you can start earning money within the next 2 hours.
You'll be provided with everything you need to get started; including some sample info that you can just copy and paste into the forms, along with our Complete Step-by-Step System. Also, keep in mind, our helpful support team is also available to assist all new & existing members.

Q. how secure is this J.O.B.?
A. this job is more secure than your current job. recession doesn't affect this. google makes Rs.170,000 CRORES EVERY YEAR one of the biggest internet company in the world.
Q. Is this program some type of Get Rich Quick Scam?
this is not a scam because we are not the one who pay you the cheque. you will be get paid by internet's No.1 company GOOGLE every month. 
Q. How much money can i make with this program?
Really the sky's the limit. There is no base pay, and no max pay! You can make as much as you want. It will depend on certain factors. Some of which are your motivation and desire.some people make more than Rs.1,00,000.00 a month using their pc. to achieve those type of results you need to put a fair amount of time and effort into learning this system. but once you do, you can definitely make that kind of money the more effort you put in, the more you get out of it.
Q. How & when do i get paid?
You will get paid on monthly Basis cheque. you will get paid directly by google

Q. Are there set hours that I need to work?
we will provide some softwares in the training kit which will automatically do the work for you. You are completely free to work when you want.

Q. Does it require any special skills?
You do not need any special skills to type at home. you will need a computer with internet connection we recommend you to use aircel gprs 98 rs pack. and possess basic knowledge of the internet.
Q. Will I handle products, make phone calls, do Customer Support, etc?
Absolutely Not. You will not need to handle any physical products, make calls, or do any customer support. everything you'll be doing is online and pretty much works on autopilot once you get it going.

Inspite of all scam sites which promises and does nothing to members, Micro infotech is Unique and Reliable which promises and stands to its words. I have been working for the past three Years with this organisation and I'm much more benefited from them.  immediate responce to members quiry, great support and care Micro infotech is the Best.- ( Arumugam Sanjeevi - Chennai )

I became a member of
Micro infotech since May 2009. When I joined this Indian Registered site I am really worried about the authenticity of this site because previous experience on Internet is not good for me. Due to low membership charge I took a chance to verify is it a scam site or really give Indians to earning scope from net.  Trust me join them and start earning from day one through online.- ( Madhumita Chatterjee- Kolkata )

Thanks a Lot for Giving this Wonderful Oppurtunity to Earn Income.
Micro infotech  has proven to be very effective, accurate, and responsive to feedback. I am a HouseWive and I found this website Very Useful and Good Way to Spend My Free Time in a Successful Way to Earn Money. Thanks to RANA... - charanya jayachandran (Chennai)

Micro infotech has a foolproof and Genuine System Its very easy to follow . Suport from the Micro infotech Team is prompt. I am extremely Thankful to Micro infotech for having inroduced such a nice offer for everyone. The money earned reaches perfectly in time. It has really helped me when i was in real need of it ..... The best Online money making of that i have ever seen ! Best regards to all- A.S Dhillon (Mumbai)

Your support is truly fast and useful. If anybody does online typing seriously under your guidelines, he / she is sure to earn handsomely.- Pinaki Chakraborty (Kolkata)

Micro infotech Team Your Program of Adsense Money Making is excellent and so is your feed back I fall short of words .... i have liked it VERY MUCH and also look forward to earn more from your program by working hard, THANKYOU!- Narendra (Dhanbad, Jharkhand)

Micro infotech. I really proud became a member of Micro infotech family I can achived this only by rana's fast support and sincere work. - Muraleedharan Chandran(Palakkad, Kerala)

One of the Best Program for the housewives like me. Initially I was hesitant for taking this job as I thought how  it is possible to make money on internet but after going through these money making program of adsense and procedure, I came to know  there is very big potential for making money. I really like the idea of working from home. Your support is also best. Anybody who skip this site thinking a scam, is missing a lifetime opportunity. I really feel proud to work with
Micro infotech Family Member. Thanks to Micro infotechAruna (Hyderabad)  

Google Adsense Payment Proofs

Google Adsense Check

one time fees only no extra charges


if you have any doubts or enquries please contact us at below email id  

we will give you full details of payment and download your copy

For any kind of help, E-mail us at-

google is the trademark of google inc itself we are not afliated we educate people and provide training only


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